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  • Permanent occupancy of the seasonal dwellings is not permitted.
  • Temporary dwelling may be brought to the premises on or after April 1st of each year and must be removed no later than October 31st.
  • Placards MUST be displayed on the seasonal dwelling on or before April 1st of each year.  Failure to display the placard shall subject the Lessee to a penalty of $100 (unless other arrangements have been made).  Placards will not be issued unless all required conditions of the lease agreement have been met (ie. current insurance certificate).  Placards must be visible from the road.
  • Anyone wishing to construct structures such as decks, patios, sheds, drill wells etc. must first request permission from Armstrong Trails.  Once permission is granted, a building permit may be required from Boggs Township.
  • Lessee shall not cut, trim, nail or affix anything to any tree on the leased premises without first obtaining permission for the Armstrong Trails Board of Directors.
  • No residual or municipal wastes of any kind shall be permanently stored or otherwise disposed of on the leased premises.
  • Lessee is responsible for lot maintenance and will keep it in good condition.
  • All lessees are required to maintain in continuous effect, a comprehensive liability and property damage insurance policy (see Section 12 of your Lease Agreement).  Verification of such policy must be submitted to Armstrong Trails and Armstrong Trails must be named as additional insured or certificate holder on said policy.  Renewal declarations must be submitted within 30 days from the date of the policy expiration.  *Note:  Should the lease be with multiple parties and one does not provide proof on insurance, all are subject to the termination of lease agreement.
  • Annual Lease terms are from January 1 through December 31st.  Rents are due and payable on or before December 31st of each year for the next recreational season.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Discount period for annual rent is 10/1-1/31, Full rate 11/1-11/30 and Penalty 12/1-12/31.
  • Lots where lease payments are not paid in full on or before December 31 for the upcoming season will be put-up “For Rent” and the current lease agreement will be terminated.  After your lease is terminated, you have 30 days to clear your belongs from the lot.
  • Your guests may stay no more than 10 consecutive days.
  • Your leased parcel provides adequate off-road parking for you and your guest, no parking on the road.
  • Also, no parking of vehicles or boat trailers along the trail corridor.
  • Your guests are aware of and comply with state laws governing the use of off-road vehicles. Armstrong Trails is for non-motorized use only and failure to comply is grounds for immediate termination.
  • Any changes to the lease agreement, including adding or removing names and adding campers must obtain permission from the Armstrong Trails Board of Directors.  Fees apply.
  • Armstrong Trails reserves the right to change guidelines at any time.  These guidelines (regulations) are not intended to replace the terms of your lease and where inconsistent, the lease terms shall control.

**Please note Allegheny Valley Land Trust has changed its name to Armstrong Trails, with the mailing address of PO Box 777, Kittanning, PA 16201.  We are also moving our office address to be shared after we have signed that agreement.  Phone number is 724-822-7176, the office phone will not follow us to our new location.